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Utrecht’s fabulous trees

One of the unintended benefits of staying closer to home since March of this year (2020) has been a better acquaintance with Utrecht’s many trees. In all frankness, we didn’t recognize many different species, until having read Peter Wohlleben’s “The hidden life of trees”, and afterwards Richard Powers’ Pulitzer prize-winning “The Overstory”. We became curious

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Walk: Hollandsche Rading to Baarn

Lage Vuursche – Pancakes and the Bunnyberg The Food We’ve often seen articles about how dining out in the Netherlands has improved over the years. These articles frequently mention our great Michelin three-star chef, Jonnie Boer, of De Librije in Zwolle and its sister restaurant, Librije’s zuster. In one interview, he charmingly let slip that

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Boots and Bowtie in the Coronavirus Age

After years of absence from the site basically due to being busy, we have both lost much of our work because of the virus. This has given us the gift of time and the motivation to get out and walk close to home. We were not supposed to be on public transport until June, and

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Mrs. Boots and Mr. Bowtie are two ex-pat Americans passionate about walking and food. Having settled in the Netherlands over twenty years ago, they set out to explore and discover all the finest dining and hiking the region had to offer. They aim to guide their readers with thoughtful, detailed and accessible descriptions of a variety of rambles through the Benelux, informed by local history and culture.
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